Here are few tips on how to choose the perfect dress

Here are few tips on how to choose the perfect dress for the mother of bride so that she looks beautiful on her daughter’s most memorable day.


The first step in picking a dress for the bride’s mother is conceding her own personal style and her dressing likelihood. If she is more conventional or reactionary, then a traditionally styled long dress with a formal jacket could be convenient. If she is more contemporary or edgy dresser, then she might look for a dress with a little more flamboyance.

Include groom’s mother when you select a dress for the bride’s mother, because they should complement each other in the wedding party. If one of wears a long dress, the other one should also wear a dress of similar length. Hence, make sure both the members are comfortable with the style of the dress.


Choose a dress for the mother of the bride according to the theme of the wedding. She should wear a modern, classy dress in a wedding themed with radical flower arrangements and modern wedding dress while an old-fashioned theme will require something classic and refined.


Make the mother of bride feel special in her daughter’s wedding by including something she likes into her dress. Pick one of her favorite color or a dress with a design that incorporates one of her favorite flowers. These unique details about bride’s mother will help her feel appropriate and beautiful.


Select a dress for the mother of the bride complementing the color scheme of the wedding. Her dress should be identical to the bridesmaid’s dresses and any color trim on the groomsmen tuxedos with a different shade. This will allow her to emerge as a unique member in the wedding party.


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