First real look Google Glasses - unboxing

Check this out. First look of Google Glasses and unboxing video. Technology is on peak and every day you see new innovations coming in market. One of the most awaiting item is google's glasses. So finally it is here and waiting for its release date. See below videos and photos to check out the glasses.

Google glasses unboxing

The technology world is very excited by the prospect of Google’s wearable Glass tech releasing later this year, and in the last couple of days, things appear to have stepped up a notch or two. Following the Big G’s publication of Google Glass specs of its forthcoming digital spectacles – at which point the company also released a MyGlass companion app for Android – several unboxing images and hands-on videos have emerged across the Interwebs.

Although we are vaguely aware of the contents to which the Google Glass box will comprise, it’s always good to see it in picture. As you can see from this shot taken by one Googler, you’ve a microUSB cable and charger, a pouch, and clear / shaded lenses which you can switch between depending on the rays.

One thing I always find irritating about early "leaks" and unboxings of products is that, despite even mid-range smartphone cameras being able to churn out a decent 720p video, those who get their hands on these significant upcoming gadgets never seem to be able to source a decent camera. Unfortunately, the video unboxing of Glass by one Dan McLaughlin suffers from another case of absent camera syndrome, and what would otherwise have been a pretty decent clip is instead a rather choppy experience:

Google glasses unboxing

Despite the shortcomings of the recorded video, it at least offers a better insight into what consumers will likely be seeing when these things begin shipping later this year.

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