more than 50% discounted Surface RT Units To Schools, Colleges And Universities In 25 Countries

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet hasn’t quite taken off in a way that we’re sure Microsoft would have wanted it to. In fact, we suspect that’s the reason behind a new initiative that the Redmond outfit is putting into place that will see discounted slates being made available to educational institutions.


Surface RT 32GB - $199 USD (Retail Price $499 USD)

Surface RT 32GB with Touch keyboard cover - $249 USD (Retail Price $599 USD)

Surface RT 32GB with Type keyboard cover - $289 USD (Retail Price $629 USD)


First leaked, then pulled and now flittering around the ether, the news now comes from ZDNetthat Microsoft is indeed offering highly discounted Surface RT tablets to educational establishments across a wide range of territories. And when we say highly discounted, we mean it.


Allegedly beginning yesterday and closing on August 31st, Microsoft is offering up a range of Surface RT configurations, both with and without the company’s super special keyboard covers. For example, a $499 32GB Surface RT will cost just $199, and the same model with a touch keyboard cover will run $249. Throw in the Type keyboard Cover rather than the Touch Cover, and educational institutions will need to hand over just $289. That’s a massive saving on the $629 retail price.

This isn’t just open to those in the United States either, with the full list of eligible countries being: the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, Singapore, Russia, Sweden, Spain, and Switzerland. So yes, that’s 25 countries, hopefully yours is in there.


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