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The Propulse is very stable due to the velcro strap that wraps surrounding the shoe. adidas yeezy 350 boost cheap online However , the boot has poor ankle help and sometimes I feel as if Now i'm about to twist my shins (a problem I've IN NO WAY had with any other golf shoe). Additionally , after I improved the insoles for included comfort, I often get myself feeling like the feet are slipping inside of my shoe. With the unique insole,


I didn't possess this problem but I could hardly stand the pain I experienced with the original insoles. The actual shoe has pretty assistance because of the strap but it does indeed get in the way when attempting to lace up the shoes. adidas nmd men trainers sale uk General, I really don't like these shoes. They are awesome and have pretty good non-skid but the fit is obviously not for me. Also, often the laces are way too really miss the shoe and have did start to fray from me going on them while running. The particular strap gets in the way when lacing the shoes up (as I mentioned above) as well as the velcro also frays often the laces which is really troublesome. At $110, the sneakers aren't exactly cheap often (I'm still recovering from the large hit my wallet had taken after I bought these shoes). I wouldn't buy these all over again. If you've spent the time to in fact read this, go buy your pair of Adidas Barricade IVs if you can find them (I've listened to the Barricade Vs are a excellent upgrade to the IVs so if you feel like paying $110 go buy some Obstacle Vs).