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  • NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Family-owned Italian wholesale halloween costumes Lingerie Brand Cosabella is almost 35 yearsold, yet on the cutting edge of technology, thanks to its recent forayinto artificial intelligence. Today it announced the results of itsfirst three months working with AI platform “Albert,” created byAdgorithms (LSE: ADGO). Now responsible for autonomously executingCosabella’s digital ad and marketing efforts, and driving online salesin the U.S., U.K., Australia, Germany, France, Italy, and Canada, Albertproduced a 336% return on ad spend (ROAS) and a 155% increase in revenuein Q4 of 2016.

    Cosabella’s swimwear manufacturer China partnership with Albert is part of the brand’s three-yearbusiness transformation strategy, which, in its final year, is nowfocused on using technology, such as artificial intelligence, to extendthe brand’s reach. As the first test of their new partnerships, Albertwas charged with identifying and converting high-value audiences, anddriving Cosabella’s digital marketing efforts on paid search and socialmedia. Cosabella’s ambitious Q4 goal was to increase ROAS on thesechannels by 300%. Between October 1 and December 31, 2016, Albertautonomously executed Cosabella’s digital marketing efforts usingcreative and KPIs provided by the brand.

    In month one alone, Albert increased wholesale swimwear Cosabella’s social and search ROASby 50% while decreasing its ad spend by 12%. And on Facebookspecifically, Albert produced a 565% increase in ROAS within his firstmonth. By month three, Albert had increased Cosabella’s ROAS 336%--a155% increase over the previous quarter. Albert’s work in just Q4contributed to the company’s 50% year-over-year increase in overallROAS. This success represents a 37% increase in overall websitesessions, a 30% increase in new users, and 1,500 more transactions.

    Prior to Albert, Cosabella credited social media with 5 – 10% of itspaid ad revenue; with Albert, social media now consistently accounts for30% of the brand’s total paid ad revenue. Albert’s success drivingconversions on Facebook resulted in a 2000% increase in purchasesoriginating from the channel.

    “Adgorithms is a truly revolutionary technology. We immediately sawresults upon launch and truly trust Albert to make critical campaigndecisions. There are other AI companies, but it’s important todistinguish between those that just offer insights and those thatactually execute,” said Courtney Connell, Marketing Director atCosabella. “Now, instead of manually adjusting our campaigns on agranular level, we tell Albert where and who we want to target, set ourKPIs and offer high-level parameters. From there we trust him to finetune and scale.”

    In 2016, Cosabella eliminated the use of traditional advertising andmarketing agencies for the execution of digital marketing activities,deciding that their manual efforts weren’t scalable or cost effective.In their previous agencies’ places, they brought on several key AIpartners including Albert (autonomous cross-channel campaign execution)and Sentient (website content optimization).

    “After working with Albert and our other AI partners, I would never hirea human to manage the technical aspects of our ad campaigns ever again,”said Cosabella CEO, Guido Campello. “We’ll leave the tech stuff to thetech and hire humans for the high-level strategic and creative. Thatlet’s our team get back to what we love and makes us more human, whichis maybe ironic.”

    Cosabella is currently working with Albert to launch high-levelValentine’s Day and Spring campaigns, and then letting Albert conduct“micro refreshes” or content additions targeted at paid social media.This strategy resulted from Albert’s insights into high rates ofcreative fatigue and the need to refresh content more frequently, evenduring a single campaign.

    For more information about Albert’s work with Cosabella, or to speakwith executives from Adgorithms and Cosabella, please contact GretelGoing at gretel@channelvmedia.com.To learn more about Albert, please contact Amy Inlow at amy@albert.ai.